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Choas and Family
    It was dreadfully boring. He was turned to stone but his mind was still active. Discord was floating in his imagination. As he plotted his next escape a flash of light appeared and quickly fizzled out. In its place a glaring human stood. He was tall and lean by human standards with black hair. Dressed in green and decorated by gold.  Discord grinned, finally something to kill his boredom.
    "Well, well, well, it seems it seems I have a guest. What a truly unexpected surprise!" Discord chucked. "Where are my manners? Who are you?" he asked instead of introducing himself. The man instead ignores him and starts to circle around him. He suddenly stops and returns his gaze at Discord.
    "I heard of your 'fun'. On the one hand I do enjoy the level of mischief that you have caused," Discord smirked triumphantly, "but on the other I do not enjoy what you did to my son's granddaughter."
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I just saw Cowboys & Aliens, and I both loved and disliked this movie.

First off, the positives: in no order

1) Harrison Ford's character was amazing. I wish the movie was all about him. If this movie was a traditional cowboy movie, he would be the best bad guy ever. He was very intimidating and awesome.

2) I loved most of the side/secondary characters. Each adding their own flavor to the movie. Some were the traditional bad guys in Cowboy movies and others were the awkward kind that couldn't shoot a gun straight.

3) The costumes and special effects were amazing. Nothing looked too Computer Graphic, most of them looked like practical effects. Which helps the feel of real danger and made me more invested in the movie and characters.

4) The action scenes were awesome. The fights were brutal but not overly so.

5) The dog in the movie was adorable.

The Negatives: in no real order

1) The main woman annoyed me so much, I think her actress is Olivia Wilde, forgive me if I'm wrong.  I hate, I despise when character A goes up to character B and go "I have something extremely important to ask you, but I'm not going to ask it clearly, even on multiple times I ask it. Oh and also I will ask no follow up questions or try to enlighten you."
                     -Not really spoilers, since it happened early enough in the movie.
                     -First time she "asks" the Main guy has no idea what she is talking about and she in turns helps getting him arrested. To 'keep him from running off'.
                     - I think the second time was when the Aliens are abducting the townsfolk.
                     - Right when they're leaving to track down the Aliens. A good time to explain why she needs to know what he (knows but forgotten) but she is almost as vague as the first time.
                      - It's not until she practically dies that she really becomes useful.

2) I have gotten used the the fact that my favorite secondary characters die. It just happened a lot in this movie.

3) The human character I hated most does not die. He was the most annoying character in the town. In slasher movies he would be the first to die or at least the one with the most painful death.

Final thoughts:
I give Cowboys and Aliens a C+.
C+ means that I enjoyed most of the movie but there were some parts that dragged down the movie too much. It also means that I do not regret seeing it/ paying to see it.


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Then I got a DA account.
Can I post mine up if if I credit you and say that yours was the original image and I just merely looked at it?
...It was so great D;
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